There are people out there who wind up being toxic. It’s not your fault that they are out there — even if they are close to you. You can offer help to people that might not really want the help in the first place, but you have to remember that you have an obligation to keep yourself in good working order as well. You shouldn’t martyr yourself to prove a point.

When you get on to an airplane you get the safety briefing that everyone ignores because you’ve heard it so many times. One of the steps is that if there is a sudden loss of cabin pressure the oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling.

You need to put your’s on before helping those around you.

If you’re not functional, you can’t help anyone else.

No, I’m not saying to try to be selfish and a dick to everyone else. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t ruin yourself trying to save someone if you will both perish.

Try to help the toxic people around you — but only after you yourself are in a place where you can help them without ruining your own life.

Put on your own oxygen mask before trying to render aid to those who need help.

– = –

As an aside, I really do wonder who was the model for the child on the plane.