Firefox 57.0 was released today and I’m going to give it an honest try. Up until today (and might be in the future too, who knows) my general mantra was the Chrome is a memory leak that occationally renders a web page, and Firefox is a memory leak that occationally renders a web page.

I tended to gravitate to Opera, which uses the Webkit rendering engine and seems to be a fairly lean browser. I would also sometimes use Safari, another Webkit-based browser. Both seem to be relatively stable browsers that tended to not fall apart too much. (Though, honestly, the last couple of times I was using Opera it did start to have a tendency to lock up… odd)

I read about the latest iteration of Firefox today with the claims that it’s so much faster than before and I installed it to give it a shot. At this point, so far at least, I’m having really good luck with it. With the normal mix of browsing I’ve been doing today I’m not getting the traditonal CPU-induced fan spin-up and things seem really rather snappy.

Maybe this is the browser I’m switching over to — again after so many years.