As a programmer, I look at the code that I have to work in and oftentimes shake my head in disgust saying “who was the dumbass that did this?”

That got me thinking. Most every time I dealt with a tradesman, be it a plumber, electrician, or whatever, they always also say the same thing.

When I was having some cable problems back in Cleveland I called up Time Warner and they sent out a tech and they did some re-wiring. They would look at the cables, shake their head, “what idiot did this?” was incredulously muttered. They would fix it to their liking in the processing of fixing the underlying problem. The problem reoccurred, and I called again. The tech came out, not two weeks after the first appointment, looked at the state of affairs: “who thought this was a good idea?”

Programmers are just like that. There are plenty of ways to solve most problems. But no two people seem to be able to agree on what that way ought to be.

And then I look at code… “what asshole made this abomination?”

Of course, sometimes that asshole was me…  :-/