Right around the eclipse when En and I were in Idaho we developed a bit of a soft spot on the front porch. (ok, while we were watching the eclipse, our neighbor who was watching the kitties nearly fell through the floor)

First I slapped on a bit of random sheet steel I had lying about the shop (which didn’t work overly well, but I suppose it kept people off of the shiny bit os steel). After that, we managed to source a sheet of OSB to cover the porch a bit better. Of course, it looked like crap; it kept people from dying on our porch, so there is that.

We talked to some contractors, picked out some materials, waited and chased them a bit. Picked different materials once the first set wasn’t working right.


We have a porch! A porch that is safe to walk on! A porch that looks pretty darn good!

Can you tell I’m a bit happy about this development?