A goodly while ago I wrote about the Sony X3000 action camera. I also managed to drop it on my Utah trip this springtime. Of course, like a butter piece of toast it landed lens side down.

That’s really the only downside of the Sony — the protruding proboscis. It’s unlikely to land on it, but if it does, you’re done for.

Significant scratch on lens: achievement unlocked.

Ok. Time passes. It’s my own fault so it’s my own cash to pay for the repair. I got around to sending her in last month. The authorized Sony repair center is Precision Camera so I sent it to them. Around $185 later and a few weeks later they sent me the camera back.

Only this time it was worse. Sure, the lens was fixed, but the sensor was unusable.

I made a video last weekend and there are hundreds of hot or dead pixels littering the screen. This was a crop from the center chunk of a 4k video — every spot that you see that’s white, blue or anything that looks constant is a sensor issue.

It might not look like much, but these are spots on the picture that don’t change while the rest of the image does. They are distracting as hell.

Before sending in the camera the center portion of the sensor was OK. Now the entire image is crap.

The camera I show above is a new one. I sent the other one that Precision Camera messed up back to them. I got a new one essentially as a vote of no confidence. My assumption is that I’ll have to charge back the repair cost to them and I’ll be out the cost of the new camera; since after all, I broke the first one myself.

I’m not 100% sure what lesson there is to be learned here.  :-/