My co-worker ordered a chocolate bar of the hottest chocolate in the world. It’s made with 9,000,000 Scoville extract. It comes in a 5g “bar” that is subdivided into 12 sub-pieced in a 4×3 grid.

The intent was to have people consume this later this week. But one of the potential participants was going to be off on vacation later, so it was opened up. I helped to cleave off a bit of it that was consumed by Hannah, Julian added support.

Of course, I cut off a 3×1 chunk and there was one piece left from the 3 segments.

Banana for scale.

Goaded on I reflexively popped the last square into my mouth.

It’s hot. Certainly, I’m confident it very well might be the hottest chocolate, but I’m also pretty sure I’ve had hotter stuff in the past. There are nine ingredients listed on the tag, and the extract was listed as the last of the ingredients. This means that at most there is not more than 1,000,000 Scoville in the chocolate itself assuming all ingredients are equal. (They’re listed by weight typically)

I’ve had spicier sauces on my pizza.

In the next couple days I’m sure I’ll have a few more squares of the devil’s candy,