My team, well, most of it at least, all went to see The Last Jedi in the theater today.

I have a policy of sitting through the credits of movies. Even though I had to pee like a racehorse I sat through the credits like I’ve always done.

And I have two takeaways.

First, “In loving memory of our princess, Carrie Fisher.” That gave me the feels. This was after the initial acting credits and before 80% of the modern movie credits that are heavily stilted towards computer graphics.

Then I saw the LIDAR operator: “We play with Lasers, Ltd.”

Yes, they play with lasers. And it seems like a perfectly awesome thing to do. I would like to play with lasers far more as well. In fact, most days I don’t even touch a single freaking laser. Quite sad, actually.

The rest of my team was waiting in the lobby for me to emerge from the theater. They didn’t see any of this. But at least I was able to enjoy the fine John Williams score while I was watching the credits slide by in the nearly endless loop.

Then, finally, after all that, I was able to source a restroom to, umm… rest.