A little bit ago I upgraded my credit card to one that credits me to get Global Entry. It’d be silly for me not to get it. This is the TSA pre-check on steroids, you get everything that you get with the pre-check, and you get to skip the immigration lines when you get back to this country from a trip abroad.

Do I travel abroad very often? No, but may this’ll be the kick in the pants to change that. Besides, it’s got the pro-check too. (And it’s free to get either one for me)

I’ve heard mixed impressions of the interview. Because, yes, you need to go to a border control office to get an interview for this. The overwhelming thing I’ve read online goes something like “do you look like a terrorist” profiling stuff. (Read that however you want, and you’ll likely be right) For me, it was only asking me my name and if I had used any aliases (this is on the application), if I had been arrested or had trouble with the police (also on application). The only unique question was asking if I had plans to leave the country (I don’t at the moment).

Once the one new question was out of the way it was biometric recording and telling me how the program works. (which was also in the booklet he handed me)

I’m curious what other folk’s impression is… ?