Under Obama there was the Cole Memo that basically let the states do what they want regarding canibis products. This is a good thing.

I’m here in Washington and we’ve had recreational marijuana for as long as Colorado has had it. (Though they seem to get all the credit for it) I grew up with the understanding that this was a gateway drug or something; that it’s something bad.

It’s not.

When the government is saying that there are no medical uses for it, that’s purely based on statute. By being a schedule 1 drug the laws have declared that there is no use for it, not science.

As it turns out there are plenty of uses. And it’s not addictive. And you can’t really overdose.

Those same statements don’t apply to drugs that aren’t schedule 1. Like alcohol, or tobacco, or cocaine, or meth. Yes, meth is a schedule 2 drug.

The federal government needs to get their heads out of their asses with this one. Washington has had legal weed for nearly half a decade and society hasn’t collapsed.