Combatting the YouTube clusterfuck I mentioned yesterday I got a new toy! Or, I suppose two since I also got the light stick over the weekend.

This light, the Aputure Tri-8 (referring to the 888 LEDs that make up the unit), gives off a shit-ton of light. It’s enough for it to work as a key light for most of the stuff that I would want to do, but at some point there’s a good chance that I’ll pick up his big brother. The LS-1 if even bigger and brighter than the Tri-8.

It costs more as well, but that’s not that surprising.

This actually might make a very good setup for stills too. Having three continuous lights (so you don’t have to worry about modeling lights) for key, fill, and random (hair, background, etc.) is damn near a complete collection… Someday…

Oh, and I shot an unboxing video and f’ed up the sound on some of it. I’ll shoot it again tomorrow. (sigh)