I re-shot my video (rendering as I type this) about the lighting gear that I just acquired, and I have to say that this is something I really didn’t know I needed until I was using better gear than I was.

Let’s take a step back. What gear was I using? Well, I was using a single light stand to which I would clip a clip-on light with an LED bulb screwed into it. I also had a drop-light with an extendable power cord that I would struggle to find a suitable place to hang. Of course each of these needed to be plugged in. And an added bonus that neither had a way of controlling the light output other than moving it closer or further away from the subject.

So now I have a couple of mid-end lights. And let me tell you that this is just life-changing. Coupled with an extra light stand I can now stage my shoots super easy and since it’s all battery powered I don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug things in. On top of all that I can control the actual color temperature and initial results are showing that I’m getting way better color based on that!


I would never have thought that I would get as excited about freaking lights.