The Yashica Samurai X3.0.

My friend Jackie has an older camera that was just sitting around. I had never had the pleasure of using one like this one before. The battery, a 2CR5 lithium, had long died. When we replaced it with a fresh on the date on the back though it was 1988 again.

Inside, the film runs vertically, but you still get the normal orientation of pictures; when you’re holding it normally, you’re still shooting landscape. How is such witchcraft possible? By shooting half-frame, of course!

Instead of eight perfs, like conventional cameras, this is shooting only four perfs per frame.

Oh, and did I mention this is an SLR?! How crazy is that?!

I had to trick it to use my non-DX-coded 400-speed film with a bit of aluminum foil and masking tape. We shall see, after 72 shots, what this thing is capable of! Then I’ll check out the inside to see how she chooches.

Maybe there’s a video in here too! :-D