While En was away in Cleveland I was hanging out with a friend this weekend. Today we went to Northstar Diner just a short way away from my house.

The tablecloths under the glass were prints of stars (fitting with the North Star theme) that were based on The Stars by H. A. Rey, pictured above.

I always knew him as the author of this book since I have had this book since I was nine or so years old growing up in Cleveland Heights. In fact, the first time I saw this printed pattern I was instantly taken back to my childhood.

Then we started to read about H. A. Rey (and his wife as well).

He was a German Jew who escaped from Nazi Germany in the mid 1930’s. Then again escaped from France on home-built bicycles in 1940.

Oh, and he and his wife Margret also wrote the Curious George series.

And he was fluent in four languages — and studied language.

I remembered all of these book as I was growing up, but then to have them collide like this is just kind of jarring. In a good way.