I was out and about with Jackie over the weekend and we hit up an old antique store, the Purple Tornado. They had many things, but I idly I grabbed for an old Encyclopedia Britannica and started flipping through the pages. I happened upon a section, quite a long one, in fact, that wasn’t written in the expected English.

It was the bible section. It had John 3:16 written in all of the languages.

Including ones I didn’t even think of.

Like Hungarian Wendish.

I hadn’t even heard of something like that. I thought Hungarian was just plain Hungarian. And it did not look like any Hungarian I had ever even seen.

Then it got me going down the hole.

I had long since left the stack of books, so I continued online.

Sometimes taking the old-fashioned random page can lead to something new. Like another bit of history that you never thought about.

The unknown unknowns.