This shot was a 16-second exposure when a 1/250s would be what’s needed.

Shot on Ilford Delta-400 pushed a stop to 800. Developed in Kodak XTOL @ 20ºC for 15.5 minutes.

The fact that there’s anything at all on this negative is a complete testament to the dynamic range of film.

Is film high resolution? No. Is film forgiving of underexposure? No.

But can you pull out detail when things have been abused to hell?

Yes, yes you can.

Upon examining this negative normally it was completely black. It looked like all the silver had been developed. But that’s not the case. With only a $500 scanner I was able to pull an image out of the darkness and have it be somewhat presentable.

12 stops. Like, seriously?

A “properly” exposed picture does look a lot better though…