I had a thought today as I was coding away. (An aside, I like to code, just didn’t have the opportunity much lately)

When I’m coding I don’t treat is as though it were a rush. It might look like I’m not doing much at times as I’m just thinking about the problem at hand.

One of the key things I value about code is simplicity. I get a huge rush when I have a complex problem in front of me and I get to find just the right abstraction to simplify the problem.

I was talking to a co-worker today about this. I explained that I would like the reader of the code to just look at how simple the code was. “A child could have written this” is how I thought about it.

I don’t want my code to look like a genius was working on it. That code looks complex.

The trick is to make the solution so easy that it’s just a given how to make it work.