Like I was saying a few days ago I’m back to writing code. I realized that when I’m actively coding I wind up writing code not as fast as many people — when you measure it in terms of lines of code per hour.

I also realized that my code just winds up being smaller.

The code that you don’t write doesn’t have a chance to have bugs.

So much of programming is trying to find the right abstraction so you don’t have to muscle the algorithm to work the way you want.

And all that forcing of the code makes things hard to modify since there’s too much interdependency between all the bits of code you wrote.

Then you have to test things and that’s harder too since now with all the dependencies running rampant you now need to mock everything since you can’t test things individually.

So don’t just force the code.

Make it earn its keep.

The code that’s not there, the code you didn’t have to write, that code simply can’t break.