I spent the past month or so I was working on a framework for my team. It winds up being a replacement for something that we’ve been working with for a while.

The level of complexity that we had in the previous was quite a bit beyond the pale.

So I spent the time making a new set of framework code that’ll do the same processes. Sure, you have design reviews and shit, but the code is what the code is. The design review presents a rough set of blueprints about how to code things up. When the rubber meets the road, however, you have to remain flexible.

For the first time, someone else was working with the new code.

You have to know that it’s totes amazeballs when they don’t look at you with the look of “you expect me to work with this pile of crap?” Is anything perfect? Of course now… but to have something reach the level of “ok” in someone else’s eyes is still pretty damn cool.

It gives me quite the happy.