So not only does the Seattle City Council want to add a head tax for employees (you know, a tax literally on employment, not on income) but they want to use to tax to fund the ill-thought-out-and-not-working homeless programs.

Oh, and they also want to add an amendment to disallow using that money to actually get rid of homeless encampments that are causing issues.

Right now there are three council-critters that are all about this type of action, my own asshole council fucker Mike O’Brien.

There is some work I need to get done to my house.

I’m waiting to see if he get re-elected. If he does, I’m moving out of Seattle. He’s a fucking toxic idealist that doesn’t know how to run a city. I don’t want my property values to drop while he’s busy gutting the city to turn it over to the homeless and the criminally addicted citizens of our city.

Because, you know, requiring treatment for not being able to care for yourself isn’t progressive. Letting people rot in tents and OD on meth and heroine, on the other hand, is perfectly awesome.