With the new iMac, I think I’m switching back to Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). The old machine was too old have to have been really optimized for the video work I’ve been doing. One of the things that FCPX does to make things faster on an ongoing basis is lots of transcoding to fast-to-operate files like ProRes.

The downside of these files is that they are huge. They are a number of times larger than the originals.

For instance, I shot an hour of video at work and that took up 47GB of space. 1080P @ 60 FPS @ 100Mbps. The optimized ProRes files are 136GB. (They’re optimized for processing speed when editing, not space obviously)

The thing with these files is that they are 100% re-creatable; if I have the source there is no reason to back up the bigger file since I can simply fire up FCPX and reprocess the file.

Of course, I also have Backblaze, and it likes to back up everything on my drives. Wasting more than a day just uploading doesn’t do anyone any good at all.

That’s when I got to looking at their advanced docs. It turns out that there is a way to exclude these files, it’s just not very user-friendly.

<!-- Final Cut exclusions -->
<excludefname_rule plat="mac" osVers="*" ruleIsOptional="t" skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="*" contains_1="fcpbundle" contains_2="/Render Files/" doesNotContain="*" endsWith="*" hasFileExtension="*" />
<excludefname_rule plat="mac" osVers="*" ruleIsOptional="t" skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="*" contains_1="fcpbundle" contains_2="/Transcoded Media/" doesNotContain="*" endsWith="*" hasFileExtension="*" />

All you have to do is that this snippet of XML to the file “/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bzdata/bzexcluderules_editable.xml” and add this somewhere where it looks like it fits. (Stick it basically anywhere above the “</bzexclusions>” tag at the end)

If you’re extra tricky, you might say that things are already excluded… you’re only half right. There’s the mandatory exclude file that excludes bits of this, but not the optimized files.

How do I know?

Because after I edited this file it stopped backing it up. It was on part 6000-something of this beast of a file.

In any case, this is just out there for you in case you want to not back this stuff up either!