Earlier this week I notice that when I was turning left my left turn signal wasn’t blinking.

No. I’m not like the typical BMW rider — or BMW driver — I use my turn signals.

It seems that what happened is that the switch itself broke. There’s a momentary pushbutton switch that gets pressed when I push the lever there that signals the computer to blink the lights. The problem is that this switch, which has a rubber cap to seal out the weather, is no longer weather sealed.

Now, there is the normal solution which involves giving BMW a bit more than $300 for a new left-hand-side switchgear assembly. There’s also the cheap path I think I’ll be going down which is to dig out the switch from the assembly and replace just the switch, which only costs $4.24 from DigiKey.

It might involve some Dremel work… though I think I’ll try to 3D print out the housing for the switch instead of hacking away at the stock part.

We’ll see how it goes when the part arrives (hopefully) later next week.