I posted a shot yesterday with a cute gosling shot with the 50mm.

As I was shooting with a number of lenses I realized how good the rangefinder focusing system was. It’s not perfect since you can’t really see what’s in focus, but the fact that it works at all is amazing in and of itself. The system was really developed back in the early ’30s by Leica and hasn’t changed much at all since then. Lenses have a focusing helicoid that extends into the mount and that, in turn, moves an internal mirror that shifts a sub-image on the rangefinder.

With a 90mm lens close up like this, maybe 2.5m/8ft wide open at f/2 the depth of field is maybe a 2.5cm/1in–if that.

But even with all of the mechanics that has to all work perfectly with zero slop… most of the time it actually works.

I just need to get some old glass to mount on my gear… that would be most fun. The fact that a lens built in the ’30s with a 39 mm by 26 tpi screw mount thread, using a cheap adapter, would work 100% perfectly with my current camera is stunning. And the rangefinder would work just fine too.