I’ve been having some issues with the Apple AirPort WiFi hubs that I’ve had working for ages here at the Burgyán compound… random drop-outs and stuff like that. I’ve had to reboot the network a couple of times for things to work, which is a bit disappointing.

I took a quick poll of my co-workers about this… for one I didn’t really want a Russian bot farm sitting in my house, so a lot of the options are rather off the table. Sure, they might be better in some dimensions, but honestly I’m willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of ultimate speed for something that “just works.”

Someone (Andrew) mentioned that he’s had good luck with Google WiFi. I’m normally quite a bit wary of Google… they dropped the “don’t be evil” motto years ago, and I’m worried that they might become evil at some point. But it seemed like the best idea at the time. It’s not ideal, but I ordered a three pack none-the-less.

Installation was pretty easy. I’m doing a more advanced setup than normal so there was a bit more in the setup department. The typical setup consists of using one of the units as the router, and the rest of the devices wind up forming a mesh network to fill out the rest of the house. My setup has wired ethernet backhauls so there was a bit of addition setup there (and also figuring out which port to plug into as well).

All said, I’ve gotten to a setup that seems to be working quite well. Time will tell, of course, but I’m quite hopeful that I’ll be able to just ignore this for a few years now.