Today, while I was at work my house got broken into.

Ennie came home and pulled into the driveway for a second and someone called and she had to go pick something up.

I got home a few minutes later and the rear window was open with the screen missing, they used the ladder we kept under our deck to climb up.

They took En’s engagement ring (plus a few other rings) and her work laptop. The rest of the house, while rifled through, didn’t seem to be touched.

She obviously scared them away. She could have been killed if she walked in.

We called the police around an hour and a half ago and they still haven’t shown up… I doubt they’ll even show up at all.

The police are, in fact, worse than useless. They fucking enable the criminals by not arresting people who have obviously stolen property. Smoking meth? Go right ahead. They don’t arrest people shooting up heroin. Fuck, let’s build you a safe injection site and a mobile five-million-dollar junkie-mobile. Thank’s Seattle city council. Thank’s Mayor Durkin.

By the end of the summer, I will not live in Seattle. I’m presently looking to rent a house on the east side, and likely rent out this present house.

The longer-term plan to leave Washington is still fully in effect.

This week I’ll fix the picket that’s broken on my front fence. This week, I will be sleeping with a pistol at my side. And a rifle nearby. And another pistol elsewhere in the house. This week I’ll be working from home. 9mm, .40, .223: pick one. All have chambered rounds.

You likely would’ve killed my wife if she were to walk in. Fuck you.

Fuck Seattle.