If ever anyone asks me why I want to keep my guns, all I have to do is point to this very incident. Me and Ennie and sitting on the front porch, not touching a crime scene, waiting for the police to show up.

It has been almost eight hours since we called 911 originally.


The police not only do not have a duty to protect, Seattle Police also have no sense of urgency either. I’m waiting for the intruders to come back to collect the rest of their loot that they left behind. I can easily point out perhaps $50-80K of stuff they left in the open.

Seattle Police give no fucks about the community.

I can honestly say that I am very much looking forward to leaving this shithole of a city post haste at this point. If the burglary wasn’t enough to make me make that decision, the lack of a coherent police response is plenty by itself.

If you ask “why do you need guns?” the answer is quite easy: the police aren’t around when you need them. Even when you call they don’t show up.