Over the weekend we noticed that the gutter on the side of the porch was no longer attached. It may have had been tried to be used to gain access to the house, but it may not have as well. Regardless of how it happened, most of the gutter was no longer attached to the house. It was hanging on with one screw.

A closer inspection showed that the end-grain the screws were attached to was, well, a bit soft. It is 110-year-old wood after all and it’s had all that time to start a bit of rot.

There was just enough room for me to get some more wood, I just used some 2×4 that I picked up, and make some additional blocking for the joists. Four blocks for the four joists and a bit of swearing later… oh and I got out a clamp as well since I had no leverage to make any of these work right. I managed to add good wood to all of the joists and then screw into the side-grain instead of the end-grain.

This ought to last another decade or two before additional remediation needs to take place.