Yesterday a friend of mine posted to her Facebook page that she thinks that not serving people of the wrong political view at a restaurant is not the right thing to do.

I happen to agree with her completely.

This discussion very quickly went off the rails.

The level of tribalism that we have going on in this country is just getting to me. The fact that we can’t, as fellow human beings, simply fucking talk to each other about topics that may be uncomfortable is driving a wedge into our nation. The way that Maxine Waters, in her infinite wisdom, is stoking the controversy is not helping either. This is the same group of people who are all up in arms about an Oregon baker not creating a custom cake for a gay wedding ceremony is the same people who are all up in arms (seemingly literally) about not serving people who are conservatives. (Note: read the actual Supreme Court opinion regarding the Oregon case — the baker would have sold cakes to them, but he didn’t want to be forced to design a custom cake for them the provide cake service at the ceremony)

Most people I know who are conservative were fine under the Obama administration, frustrated, but fine. The level of foaming at the mouth asshattery going on from the other side is astonishing.

If you want to hand a mid-term election victory to the Republicans, you might want to just keep that shit up; what you’re doing now is just turning people off from the causes you’re fighting for.

Yes, civility and talking to your neighbors are required. If you want to change someone’s mind, you don’t just get on their front lawn and start burning crosses. You don’t intimidate your opponent into submission, you fucking talk to them like a normal human being.