When I was in Cleveland before I moved to Seattle I would consider myself a super progressive person, both in my views and my voting patterns. I have always been open with my views, likely to the detriment of those around me, so this would come as no surprise to most anyone. The lone issue that I disagreed on with “normal” progressive folks is that of guns, I’ve always been a staunch gun-rights supporter.

2012 rolls around and I get a job at Amazon and I move out here to Seattle. Seattle, of course, is a very progressive city in terms of the politics. I started out liking it, except for the socialist idiot Sawant.

2016, leading up to the election, I was a Bernie fan. I contributed to his campaign and everything. Even though I didn’t agree with everything that he was saying, I thought he was a good candidate.

2017… a year into Trump’s first term. The attacks from the left, from the people I normally was respecting, forced me to confront the issues and how I need to see the world. I’ve written in the past that I’m always looking to have a self-consistent world-view; by that I mean that every statement I make needs to be able to stand by itself and not be in conflict with other statements that I make. Note: my mind can change; just because I said something yesterday doesn’t mean that I believe it today. As long as everything I’m saying (and I suppose even more importantly: thinking) can work with itself in the framework I’m setting up I’m happy.

This is also around the same time that the left was embracing the Antifa assholes. Yes, I’m being a bit judgy. Anyone who goes to a protest with their face covered is an asshole. The Antifa and the KKK use the same terroristic tactics and in my mind deserve the same level of respect: absolutely none.

As the left became more insane in their views, like calling for the abolishment of ICE and even borders, I am forced to evaluate my views. As the left rushes headlong into trying to eliminate the means by which I can protect myself, guns, I need to really think.

Then I look at Seattle.

Seattle, as I said before, is a very progressive city.

Seattle sucks. Jobs are good and property values are going up, but that’s despite what the city council and mayor are doing.

I look at the effects of the progressive policies that are being put in place and I see a city that is failing. We have property crime that is among the highest of the nation. We have certain classes of individuals to whom laws do not apply. I see a police force that is hamstrung to actually do their job based on the policies that have been set out by the city council. (see also: taking ten hours to respond to a police call)

One data point does not make a trend.

But then I look at similar cities along the west coast: San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Portland. The same style of policies and the exact same results.

While many of the ideas promulgated by the progressive wing of the left sound good on paper, applied to society and looking at them with the harsh light of day, they do not work. The measures we are putting forth as a city are actively causing harm to both the people that live here and pay taxes, but ironically to the people that progressives claim to want to help. It’s insane.

Seattle has turned me from a progressive to a conservative.

I don’t think my views have changed that much — I’ve always had a very strong libertarian streak… I think the views of the left have shifted so far away from me that I can no longer consider myself anything near them.

That is my story why I walked away.