By “cable” in this case I mean electrical cable (or perhaps you want to call it wire or wiring). I have two more Ring cameras I want to mount on my house and I don’t want to do a whole lot of drilling through studs to get the 120V to the boxes I’m going to mount on house. I already have a ready access to the 120V from my adventure mounting the doorbell.

There are a couple of ways that are code compliant to run electrical outside the structure. I could use flexible non-metallic conduit, alternately I could use rigid plastic or metal conduit.

In either case I’d have to buy THHN, three spools of 500′, black, white, and ground. I could buy it by the foot but that would be silly in terms of cost; the price per foot it roughly five times the price of a spool. In both cases I’d have a 3/4″ conduit on the outside of the house, and I think that’ll look a bit janky.

The other option is to use PVC-coated MC cable. MC cable is the type of cable that has the wrapped slinky-style shield that acts as armor. The problem is that that isn’t suited to by used outside in wet conditions. The PVC-coated version is allowed to be used for direct burial as well as exposed and wet conditions. The only downside is that this stuff is as rare as hen’s teeth.

I managed to find something local at Stoneway Electrical in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle. Unfortunately they don’t sell anything other than a spool of 250-feet of the stuff. At a buck a foot.

And so I got it.

This lets me finish the install over the weekend. No further unknowns are around between where I am right now and getting this installed.

The leftover stuff? I think I might sell it on eBay… this is rare stuff it seems so I’m guessing that other folks might be in the mood for a deal on something other than a full spool. I’m only going to use around half of it.