Yesterday Demi Lovato overdosed on heroin, but thankfully was able to be stabilized through the use of Narcan.

Heroine is not good stuff. Now I’ll preface this by saying that not all opioid users are dangerous or in dangerous situations and certainly not all dangerous people are on opioids; there are people that seem to go on with an in-control use of the stuff–good for them I suppose.

But what you tend to see is that people tend to go off the rails when they’re on them. Mix in adulterants like fentanyl and you have a recipe for failure.

That’s not what this is about. This is about Seattle.

We are tolerating open drug use where the police walk past people with litterally needles hanging out of their arms. We’re in the process of spending $5,000,000 on a “safe injection site.” All the while drug users are getting a free pass in terms of accountability with regard to crimes like theft and such–crimes that are used to finance their habit.

We are not only turning a blind eye to the problem, but we’re also actively encouraging it.


You have people literally dying on the streets, but are doing nothing at all to curtail the problem? Any talk about doing something about it is painted as “why don’t you check your privilege?” As if not trying to slowly kill myself is a “privilege.”

I get the fact there is a problem. But please don’t just enable it.