En had a credit card number leak a while back. This isn’t a problem since it was caught by the bank and the next day she got a new one in her hand.

No, the problem is disposing of the old card.

The card is freaking metal.

Ok. Time to break out the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and the angle grinder.

Angle grinders are freakishly loud, hence the ear protection. Eye protection goes without saying, of course.

Front: done.

Oops. I missed the chip!

No more chip that might leak info! Back time!

While most of the card is metal, there’s bits of plastic on the surface that starts to bubble a bit when so much heat is created in it.

So much so that the card started to delaminate a bit.

The card, unmolested, is 0.031″ thick (call it 0.80mm if you want science units) The main body is 0.018″ thick, and the balance is the plastic back coating that I measure to be 0.0125″. It really felt like the card ought to be even thicker in the metal bit. Oh well, reality is what it is.