There’s a candidate for Congress running in California that wanted to buy an ad on Facebook to help her campaign. No, she’s not a Russian agent trying to tilt the election in this way or that.

Her parents were there in Cambodia when it was under the Khmer Rouge regime headed by Pol Pot. You know, the socialist government that killed 2-3 million of their people.

Well, the historical photographs of what happens under socialism was too much for Facebook.

This is the same company that allows all sorts of more gruesome imagery on their site… except they don’t allow the pictures that used to be in history books. You know, because you get feelings.

My family grew up under socialism. It’s an unmitigated disaster when played out the way the people on the left want to implement it.

It’s like if I were to start showing pictures of what happened under several different regimes that took over Hungary. Like the Nazis (if you’re unaware, this is short for “National Socialism,” or more specifically “Nationalsozialismus” in German) rolling into Budapest killing people on the shores of the Duna.

(Image I took in 2007 of the Holocaust memorial on the Duna)

As an aside, everyone who calls folks on the right “Nazis,” needs to read up on history. Pure socialists have caused more deaths in the world than the world wars combined. The present incarnation of the left’s militant front is almost indistinguishable from the Brownshirts of yore… or the KKK from whom they’ve descended.