I bit the bullet and started down the pro woodworking tool range.

I need to redo my fence up in front of my house. I repainted it after power washing it but that did more harm than good; I managed to get poor adhesion of the paint to the wood, so that let water collect between the paint and the pickets and start causing rot. Not good. Lesson learned.

What I need to do is actually sand the surface of the wood.

Then I started to think about my overall work area in my house as it stands now (not my future workshop elsewhere). I don’t have a real work area, so everything I do is in an actual living space of my house. Woodworking in your house isn’t a winning recipe.

This gets quickly to dust control…

So I pulled the trigger on a set of Festool gear — the 90mm rotex sander and the 36-liter vacuum. Oh, and a bunch of abrasives as well, because I need to sand stuff.

Even though I spent a goodly sum on the lot, most of the cost was on the dust collection chunk of the deal. As I keep watching videos on YouTube about various Festool gear, the thing that’s super striking is that the dust control with the setup is amazing. It’s to the point where I think I might be able to do some woodworking indoors and not make my living conditions untenable.

It’ll show up in a bit more than a week I think… I’ll strip the paint after work, working through various grits to 120, then the following weekend I’ll paint it. It adds more value to the house than what I’m spending on the tooling to make it happen. I might even pick the up his big brother and get the 150mm (6″) sander and attack the deck as well; it suffered the same problem as the fence with the pressure washing.