It’s interesting looking at the types of risks that people take on every day and how all that is different for everyone.

Take, for instance, if you’re working in a legal cannabis operation (it doesn’t matter if you’re for or against it in this case, just read along). You can’t really get anything in terms of banking since federally it’s illegal and most banks want nothing to do with that line of business.

I was chatting to someone and they mentioned that their brother-in-law works in HVAC and he set up a system for a grow. He got paid $400k in cash, because the rest of the banking system doesn’t work.

Now, in my case, I don’t want anything to do with that much cash.

A job I had a long long while back was running out of money and were looking to get acquired. Paychecks bounced twice. The first time the boss came around and handed out envelopes of $50s to everyone to cover payroll. Two weeks later it was envelopes of $20s. (In both cases they were sequentially numbered…)

Everyone, after getting the envelope of around two grand of cash (1999) left their desks and went to their bank to deposit the money. No one wanted to have that much cash in paper.

But that’s not my normal.

Someone else piped up that they carry large volumes of cash because they work in that same industry locally. “Why are you scared?”

I guess it’s because you have no recourse if something bad happens.

Risk is an interesting thing. You get desensitized to risk that you encounter every day. Hell, I commute on a motorcycle every day… most people say it’s too dangerous, but it’s something I’ve been doing for well over a decade. I’ve become inured to the risk.

Same with you and dealing with piles of cash I suppose.

Is it dangerous? No, not really… but it’s still something that most people who aren’t used to walking around with would get squeamish about. Same with motorcycles I guess.