The picket fence in front of my house is in desperate need of some TLC. It was peeling a bit shortly after we moved and we did a kind of shitty job of stripping the paint last time. We used a pressure washer to take off the majority of the peeling paint, but it seems that just the pressure washer was insufficient. Some of the underlying paint wasn’t adhering as well as it should and that let to some water infiltration. Water and wood don’t mix well.

So now there are some bits that are too rotten. One of the picket tops broke off in the springtime. As I was working on this I realized one of the posts was also in need of some care as well.

I picked up a new sander (more on that later) and started on the process of prepping the wood. This was my first panel. I think I can do about this much in around 45 minutes time (one side of the fence). I think I have another 10 hours or so to go before we can get to fixing the wood, priming, and painting the whole thing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to not have any issues for a few years until we can leave Seattle.