Damn, this took a lot of effort.

But I can say that the overall surface prep for the fence is a lot better than it was the first time this would have been painted. Hopefully chunks of paint won’t come off in strips again.

I have to reiterate though, one of the best purchases I’ve made was the pair of Festool sanders I talked about yesterday. I was able to work though almost everything with the 3.5″ sander, but large really flat surfaces were a pain. The 6″ just chews through the paint like no one’s business.

And while there was was paint chips that fell to the ground, I’ve also collected a few pounds of paint chips and other debris that didn’t wind up on the ground. Pretty amazing I think.

There’s a bit more detail work to do that can’t really be reached by the big sander. I’ll also have to go over some of the spots with something a bit finer than the 24-grit paper I used. I know the paint will do a lot to cover it, but still… the pride of workmanship!