Yet another fence project… sorry.

One of the pieces of kit that I got last week was a Festool MFT/3 workbench. It seemed kind of extravagant when I ordered it (though, I did get a discount when I ordered the bigger sander), but I ordered it and a small pile of bench dogs as well.

Holy crap.

I was able to actually work on the spare pickets I found by my shed.

Clamping them on the face and sanding the main faces was a complete non-issue. Then to get to the peak: just clamp it on the edge with the same clamping system: done.

I’m honestly amazed that I’ve managed to go this far without something like this.

Sure, it weighs a ton (fake news: it’s around 50-60 pounds) and it’s expensive, but holy crap… it’s so convenient. Couple that in with the track that comes with it and I have almost a full replacement for a table saw that I would have no way of storing anywhere!