Lately I’ve been on a little bit of a spree of buying some tools. I realized that woodworking is far cheaper than metalwork, and with proper dust collection it’s something that I might just be able to do indoors without a shop.

Originally I purchased a Festool RO-90 sander along with a CT-36 dust extractor for the fence project. I quickly fell in love with the system so I ordered a few more things.

But then, last week, the RO-90 started to sound different. It was still working, but it was different from before. I made a quick video and sent it off to the folks that I got it from, (which is a sub-site of ToolNut). Just about immediately I got an emailed response with a UPS label to ship it back.

I was still working on the fence at the time so I didn’t immediately pack it back up. I wanted to get to a good point with the project first before spending two weeks of downtime with a sander going to and fro to New York.

Today I got a package delivered onto my porch.

It was a new sander.

They cross-shipped a new sander to me.

Holy crap.

This is service that I’m honestly not used to getting any more.

And the more I think about it, that kind of makes me a bit sad.

But I have to say that these folks went well beyond what I was expecting and I’m pretty sure they’ve made a customer for life!