There were a few holes in my fence after I was done sanding the whole of it. This wasn’t a problem with the sanding, but the underlying wood.

Of course I’m generally not in the mood to actually rebuild the fence; I just need it to last a few more years until I can finally get done with the Seattle nonsense that I’ve been dealing with.

One word: Epoxy.

I mixed up a batch of wood-filling epoxy. I used JB Weld kneadable two-part epoxy. All you have to do is take part A and part B and mix them up with your hands. Once you’ve gotten them combined, just mash the goop in.

Wait a while and it hardens like a rock.

This morning I went in with the sander and took off the excess and, as if by magic, the wood is now solid!

Even the nails that were in the void are now holding onto the epoxy like a champ!

Technology! 😁