I already wrote on Friday that I picked up the new iPhone XS from the Apple Store. While there I checked out the new S4 Apple Watch. I didn’t pre-order it so of course, they had none for me to purchase.

I had a Series 2 watch that I’ve been wearing for a while now and I held up the S4 up to it. While the nominal dimension is 44mm compared to the 42mm that I had one, the feel of it was just about the same as the 42mm that I had on my wrist.

I checked on Saturday morning… mostly to see if I could find an XS Max for my friend… but then I checked the watches.


I had to pick one up.

I was kind of “meh” about the phone. Like I said, it’s an upgrade, but it’s a small one.

The watch, on the other hand, is a huge upgrade from the S2. Even the S3.

It’s so much faster than the S2 that I can’t even describe the situation. I didn’t pick up the stainless steel version because I don’t think that the steel option is worth another $300 (because you also have to get the cellular option as well).

In terms of the upgrades, the Apple Watch is most definitely a winner if you’re looking for something like that.