The whole Kavanaugh fiasco that’s going on now has completely gotten to my nerves.

You have people in hysterics talking about how the Supreme Court isn’t going to do their bidding if he gets confirmed to the seat.

You know what?


This country is under three different branches of government. You have the legislature who makes the laws, the Executive which enforces those laws, and the Judiciary who interprets those laws in the context of the Constitution.

Just because Congress is full of idiots who aren’t getting shit done is not the problem of the judiciary. Similarly, the Executive enforces laws, they don’t make them. Same with the Judiciary: not a law-making body.

A judge who can impartially interpret laws and the Constitution is not an activist judge in any way — they are simply acting the way a judge should act.

Then you have a crap-ton of assholes on the left who are too busy resisting to actually understand how the fucking government ought to work.

Oh… you’re worried about Roe v. Wade. You know what can solve that problem right quick in a hurry? Congress can just fucking pass a law, like they have been authorized by the Constitution, and make it legal. Easy peasy. Then no amount of jurisprudence can really roll it back.

But the cowards on the Hill don’t do that.

Case in point: there is no law that has legalized abortion.

Get on the phone with your congresscritters to have them pass a law.

But of course, they won’t do that.

Because they are fucking cowards.

Instead, they trot out idiots with easily disproven stories as a distraction.