I wrote a while back that Seattle turned me conservative.

The disaster of the confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh has turned me full on Republican.

This is me. Someone who donated money to Bernie Sander’s campaign. Someone who voted for Obama twice.

The circus that’s going on with the accusations against him do nothing but make real claims of sexual abuse harder to believe at this point.

You have the star witness who is “afraid to fly” yet took a bogus polygraph test in Maryland. I say bogus because there were no control questions included in it. Nor are they disclosing any medications she was on that could affect the test. Oh, and she may have set a cross-country driving record getting back to California.

And none of her named witnesses agree with her.

Then you have the other accuser. She’s been charged with fraud and defamation and has a restraining order against her. And no one in the high school that Judge Kavanaugh went to have ever even seen or heard of her. And she kept on going to the gang rape parties that no one reported ever. At least ten times.

This is the “resistance” movement?

Fuck that.

I don’t think I’ll ever vote for a Democrat again in my life.

I’d sooner abstain from voting.