I was out today with my friend Jackie and we got some dinner at Vita E Bella in Belltown here in Seattle.

But this isn’t about that.

I got a pen as I was paying and it’s really not from around these parts.

This just got me thinking about area codes in general. When I was growing up there weren’t too many area codes. Most states had a few of them, but not nearly to the extent that we have right now.

So the 210 area code… that’s from San Antonio, Texas.

Growing up you had a phone in your house. Everyone shared that phone. You had one number for a bunch of people. Now you have multiple phone numbers per person. I have the one that’s on my phone. My iPad has one, though it can’t make calls; it’s just because that’s how the cellular network works. This is just the numbers I have with me as I’m writing this. I have a landline that came with the cable for free. There’s the pair for Ennie. All the while the population keeps going up too.

It’s funny how all this works.

I should make a video about this.  :-)