I’ve always liked building things. Mostly it’s been software, but I’ve always been fascinated by building things.

Maybe this is just a mid-life crisis or something, but I think when I leave Seattle I’m going to switch careers. I’m to the point where is most places other than Seattle (or similarly expensive areas) I would be close to being able to retire.

But then I don’t just want to stay at home and sit on my hands. It’s not the way I’m wired. And having play money is also something cool.

I’m pretty well convinced that I’ll wind up being something like a carpenter or handyman or something. Maybe I’ll just make furniture or cabinets? Maybe a bit of welding thrown in for fun.

I was having all sorts of ideas about being a machinist, but that’s more than I think I’d be able to bite off. I would like to have a little Bridgeport or something, but I don’t think that I have the mojo to do something like that and not lose my shirt in the process.

The fact that I cut out the basic shape of the pieces of a box. Yeah, a box… mainly. A slide scanner if you squint enough. But making, or even just starting to make is, was more fun than I’d had in a while. It just makes me smile to make something. Something tangible.

For later.