And in a triumph of justice, we now are on course to have this circus behind us.

This was all a very carefully calibrated attack on Judge (soon to be Justice) Kavanaugh. You had a story with so few details that the chances of incurring a perjury charge was slim (though it still may come, hopefully). It was timed to perfection to try to delay the an appointment until, hopefully, after the midterms.

What the left didn’t expect is that the Republicans would finally grow a spine.

The expectation is that either President Trump would withdraw the nomination, or that Mr. Kavanaugh would step away. Neither happened.

Instead we had the circus of a hearing where the story gradually fell apart.

And this is not as I said a referendum on sexual abuse in any way. Just because someone is accused of a crime does not make them a criminal. Further, to say that an innocent man or woman be punished for the crimes committed by others is, quite frankly, not American. It’s unfortunate that so many women (mainly, but some men) have been assaulted sexually and we should most definitely change that. But to state that someone should not be eligible for a job simply on an accusation is beyond absurd.

Anyway… I guess in a few days I can write Justice Kavanaugh now.