The deed has been done, but there’s lots of chatter about why he’s a rapist or stuff like that. Or that him being confirmed is a travesty to women who’ve suffered sexual assaults of any sort.

I honestly don’t see this as a referendum on women’s rights. And with that, I’m in no way saying that sexual assault and the like are to be tolerated in any way. I think, quite simply, that I just don’t believe her at all.

Let’s look at this in another way, just for a thought experiment. Let’s say you’re someone I don’t much care for in the Church of the Subgenius. (No, there is no one I would do this to in the Church, to be clear)

I can accuse you of stealing a pile of steaks from the grocery store in Sherman, NY (where X-Day used to be held) in the early 2000s during an X-Day. Anyone can accuse anyone else of basically anything. I say that two other people with me saw it: Bob and Connie. Oh, and also Francis. No, also Phil. I’ll just keep changing my story as it seems convenient.

I also told a few of my friends a few years back “that fellow over there, he’s no good, I saw him steal steaks!”

Now, let’s unpack this a bit.

First, we hunt down Bob and Connie. They each agree that they know me. Bob says he remembers going to the store with you, but he never saw you steal anything. Connie, on the other hand, doesn’t even remember going to the store in the first place. Francis and Phil don’t know anything about this either.

The people I told in the past recall me saying that you stole something, but other than me saying that they don’t add any corroborative information about you stealing steaks.

Then you (or a lawyer or something) asks me “George, I’ve ever been Bobtized?” I reply “never” in sworn testimony. Then other folks go on the record saying “Oh, Rev. V, yeah, I saw him getting Bobtized.” (For those unaware, the naked Bobtism is a sacred Subgenius tradition when your sins are expunged, so you can sin again for the next year)

At the end of this you have me saying you stole steaks, and you saying you didn’t. But looking at everything, it doesn’t really hold a lot of water.

That’s not saying that people stealing is good. But I don’t think that you should be punished because someone somewhere stole steaks (or anything else for that matter). Steak stealing is not to be tollerated. But at the same time, falsely accusing people of steak stealing shouldn’t either.

If you were so accused — and accused publicly by a very specific group of people — you might see fit to be a bit pissed off that you’ve been falsely accused of a crime that you did not commit. This is a facet of being human.

(I’m mostly ignoring the other two accusors for this. Dr. Ford had a plausible story. The second accuser was very quickly debunked. The third one with the gang rape parties that she kept on going back to that NO ONE at all ever heard about despite that it was going on for at least 10 occurrences really and truly stretches credulity. And no one from his class even knows of this woman.)

On the point of abuse of power regarding the Executive branch, I’ll have to reserve judgment if that ever comes up. Based on his judicial record he seems incredibly deferential to precedent set by the courts of various levels so I’m not expecting any surprises there. To be clear, activism, in my opinion, does not have any place on the bench. The place for activism is in the legislature. The purpose of the courts is to simply interpret the laws based on the constitution, other laws, and the intent behind those laws at the time of passage.

Based on everything I’ve seen and heard of him, he seems to be very qualified to be on this nation’s highest court.