Riding home from work, as I always do… someone pulled out in front of me from a stop sign without paying attention to the fact that there’s another vehicle, me, that’s already occupying the chunk of road they were after.

I tried to slow down and swerve, but she just kept on going. And I ran into her front quarter panel and bumper, helmet bounced off her hood, and I slid over her hood landing on my shoulder on the Linden.

We pushed the bike off the road. It was sitting there laying on the Honda Civic.

Fire came… I’m generally OK. Two police cars came… information exchanged…

I drove the bike the 10 blocks home, but it’s not right. The front sub-frame is bent worse than what I had in Labrador.

I’m giving it even odds that Progressive will total the bike.

And my wrist hurts.

So as I wrote this I’m sitting at the Swedish hospital emergency room waiting to get it X-rayed.


This sucks.