This morning my (unfortunately hyper-expensive) fiber-optic Thunderbolt cable seemed to have bit the dust. It simply started to randomly reset and disconnect the drives momentarily. Overnight it happened maybe a dozen times.

This isn’t a good way to ensure data integrity.

I tested this hypothesis  by putting the Drobo onto my desk and using a 6-foot wired cable that I had on hand instead of the fiber.

It worked swimmingly.

Except it was loud as hell.

Five drives and the associated cooling fan make quite the racket.

I had some leftover MDF from building the slide scanning housing so I decided to put an enclosure together for this.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty decent.

And yes, there is accommodation for airflow as well; I wasn’t going to make a simple hot box to bake everything in.

What you have is the front and back hinged lids have a gap at the bottom along with the base not going all the way to the front. This creates a nice big 6 in^2 vent for the air.

As it stands, the Drobo has a pretty decent baffle in front of the drives with a far smaller opening than what I’ve left. I’ve also provided some blocking to prevent the hot exhaust air from recirculating to the front.

I did get a 5m USB 3.0 extension cable if this isn’t suitable… but I don’t think it would be awesome to go from an efficient 20Gbps down to a less efficient 5Gbps that the USB would provide. But I have that option if I want.

And it was a fun little build anyway!  :-D