Every year or so I decide to try another search engine or browser and try it out for a week or so. Normally I’m not able to last a full week because whatever I’m working with just sucks so badly in the ways I’m interacting with it.

The joke I always say about browsers is that Chrome is a CPU leak that occasionally renders a web page and Firefox is a memory leak that occasionally renders a web page. Both have gotten huge and unwieldy.

Last week I decided to try the Vivaldi browser and I swapped out Opera for this new one.

I think I found my new browser!

It just seems to get out of the way even more so than Opera did. Of course, both of them are Chromium-based browsers and both can use Chrome extensions. The thing with Vivaldi is that it seems even leaner than Opera; it doesn’t try to have a mail client and all that other stuff. It’s just a browser.

And thus far it’s not pissed me off enough to switch.

That, right there, is high praise.