I honestly have no idea the fascination with globalism that people have. Similarly I have no idea why people who are nationalists get so much push-back here. And by “nationalism” it’s loyalty to one’s nation they are in, not the association with “white nationalism” or whatever other bull you may want to bring up.

Given a choice between helping my literal neighbors or helping someone in another country, I’ll choose my neighbors every single fucking time. And why the hell is that a bad thing?

Edit: If you give me a chance to help my neighbor (i.e. next door), friend, or family member or to help Greenwood (the neighborhood in which I live), I’ll choose my neighbor, friend, family. The choice between Greenwood and Seattle as a whole: Greenwood. Seattle versus other nearby cities: Seattle. That same process continues on. Will I help the US or another country? The USA will win every single time.

I have a limited amount of time and money, and the precedence by which I spend those limited resources is more-or-less laid out like that. Can I come up with exceptions, damn right I can. But that’s how I roll.

I fully understand “nationalism.” Given the choice, I will advocate for policies that benefit the United States of America over those that benefit others and cost us. This is not to be construed as purely isolationist since those are different dimensions of foreign affairs.

Yes, I agree there are things that need to be done to benefit the entire planet since we have only one of these Earths, but in most other pursuits… I’m America first. Even though I’m a Hungarian-American, I would pick the US in cases where there are disputes between our nations.

I don’t care if someone in China (just as a random example) is upset at a decision we make to benefit our citizens; much like China (to follow the example) doesn’t care that they hurt our feelings.

I couldn’t give a shit the color of an American’s skin, who or what they worship (if at all), who they are attracted to, or basically anything else at all.

I believe Americans deserve more, far more in fact, from America than non-Americans could ever hope to expect. (I have no freaking clue why you’re using “USers,” it’s just weird and contrived)

That said, anyone can become an American, as my own parents have demostrated to me by becoming naturalized citizens themselves. Follow the rules and do all the things you need to do and dang near anyone can become a citizen. But to imply that any non-American should take precedence over an American citizen is lunacy in my book. To simply demand the same or better treatment is ludicrous.

I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between. Mostly, I’m guessing, this would have to do with national security interests and the like. (Think: cold war Soviet defectors)

In short, I think that America should come first for Americans.

I guess that makes me a nationalist, eh?